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Optimizing Energy for the Fall Frenzy

I love this time of year. Actually from Labour Day to New Year’s Day is my most favourite period (I could definitely do without January-March though!) I love everything about it: schedules, new programs, cool weather, jeans and sweaters, holidays, eating, new recipes, more eating! What I don’t love is that it is cold and flu season –and the time of year when most people start getting sick. Here at the Daily Apple household, we do everything in our power not to succumb to seasonal illness – and now with the wee dumpling in tow we make extra sure we are optimizing our energy. Here are a few of our favourite tips to keep you and your family healthy and strong during this busy time of year.

1. Eat lots of garlic and onions – ’tis the growing season for these medicinal powerhouses so there’s no reason not to get good quality. Garlic and onions are natural anti-bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal little gems. And they taste incredible…much better than Advil.

2. Dress your salads with apple cider vinegar (ACV). Not only does it make tasty dressing, it’s a natural bacteria fighting agent that’s chock full of potassium, calcium and magnesium phosphorous. Mix equal parts EVOO and ACV with a clove of garlic and spicy mustard. A sprinkle of salt, pepper and a dash of hot sauce and your done! Blend and kiss your cold goodbye!

3.  Top your toast with raw honey — the same health benefits as garlic yet a little sweeter for your morning meal. Use it as a natural cough suppressant for your kids – they will love the new medicine flavour and you’ll love knowing that what they are taking can’t hurt them.

4. Spice it up! Research shows that cultures who consume a variety of spicy foods have a lower rate of cancer, likely to do with the anti-carcinogenic properties of the chili. The hotter you can handle, the better. Make a batch of fresh sauce (or find someone, like our Guyanese caregiver Shirley, who will!) and top it on everything you can think of: soups, salads, rice, fish, popcorn…you name it, we eat it!

5. Make a natural medicine cabinet. Stock your shelves with some of our favourite remedies straight from Mother Nature herself!

  1. Oil of Oregano – 5 drops under the tongue at first sign of illness. Tastes awful. And it works

  2. Oscillococcinum  (Os-sil-o-cox-sigh-numb) Learn to say it – then ask your pharmacist where it is. It’s everywhere these days. Take at the first sign of feeling run down and follow directions.

  3. Saline nasal spray/nettie pot – okay I hate this one during the process but it really does work. I like the Eucalyptus cheater brand with the easy spray attachment, but Chris goes hard-core with the nose plunger. Whatever system you choose aim to do this a couple of times a week and every night if you do get a bug

  4. Ester C – okay okay, it does have a little extra sugar in it…but it makes you feel like you are drinking Kool-Aid or Tang again! And it really does help you get through those really sick days when plain water is just plain blechy. So keep it handy and use only when needed (BTW – it is also a great hangover helper…not that we are advocating drinking in excess or anything)

  5. Zinc lozenges – they help at first sign of a sore throat and help fight the nasty war that’s going on in your body by boosting your immune system naturally!

Nature’s Advil

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