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A Day in the Life of Daily Apple

Hello everyone! And welcome to our first attempt at the tekkie-world of blogging! This is a new medium for us here at Daily Apple – but something we’ve been excited to try for a long time. This is our forum to share recipes, great new fitness programs, green living ideas, celebrity gossip – you name it! Whatever makes up our Daily Apple lives will be displayed for the world to see.

Today’s Daily Apple:

January Blah’s: We’re all feeling it – even the staff here at Daily Apple – who always make sure to get our RDA of Vitamin D, fresh air and proper exercise. Chris and I actually ate 3 heads of broccoli yesterday! But still we are finding it hard to “get happy” So – what can one do?

I guess the best thing to do is “just keep swimming” like Dory says in “Finding Nemo”. Even when it’s dark and grey outside and you feel like watching hours of Dr Phil and The Young & The Restless (I’m partial to Gossip Girl marathons myself) – just keep going. Make lists of what to do each day…and make sure they include AT LEAST 30 minutes of exercise – preferably outside. Drink lots of water. Eats your green leafies. Try to avoid alcohol ( a tough one at this time of the year for sure…but it absolutey affects your mood), and try to do one thing each day that makes you happy. Put it on your TO DO list – a manicure, going out for a coffee with a friend, seeing a new movie, buying yourself a new lipstick (all-natural ones of course!) And just keep swimming! The sun will shine again soon enough.

Winter in T.O.

Winter in T.O.

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