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Fun on A Budget

♫Another Saturday night and I ‘aint got no money♪….well, not exactly how the song is supposed to go…but it sure rings true these days. I know we at Daily Apple are feeling the social scene pinch and have opted for many a house-bound night this winter, which can leave you feeling a deep,dark shade of blue. Cheer up…and welcome to our new blogging series – Recipes for Recession. Today’s creation: No Money…Still Fun-ny! Here are some of my favourite ways to enjoy the good life on a dime.

o Chick flick fiesta – all you need is some great gal pals, 2 chick flicks (either romantic in nature like When Harry Met Sally, action packed like Lara Croft Tomb Raider, or Girl Power like Thelma and Louise or GI Jane) popcorn and a cheap bottle of wine. TOTAL VALUE: 20 bucks max!

o Exercise Extravaganza – pick a friend/partner to work out with in the park, bring a picnic of healthy foods to the closest home and lounge spa style après your workout!

o Gallery/ Museum/ Theatre hopping – all Toronto galleries, museums and theatres have pay what you can or freebie nights. AGO permanent collection is free Wednesdays between 6pm and 8:30pm, ROM is free for last hour before closing Monday-Thursday.

o Listening to fabulous bands – most local pubs have free live entertainment Thursday through Sunday ( my personal fave – The Michael O’Grady Band…check him out at Sip on a budget friendly soda water and enjoy the show!

o BBQ and Board Game Bonanza – host a bbq, or get a friend to, load up on veggie burgers and fresh salads then spend the rest of the evening playing lively games like Monopoly, Twister, Taboo. Let the fun begin! BYOB (burgers, beer and board games… CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!

o Spa night – manicures, pedicures, facials while watching good cheesy re-runs of Friends, 90210 (definitely the old one…the new one is just terrible) and my new fave show Gossip Girl!

o Gourmet Night – rally up the troops for a potluck theme supper, like  favourite – PUB NIGHT IN! – with gourment natchos, home-made chicken wings (just for Chris – I’m the herbivore don’t forget) and of course… the tallboys! Or Japanese night – make your own sushi!

o New Age Night – get the girls to come over for a night of mysticism. Tarot card readings, Ouiji board and good old fashioned gossip over a steaming pot of green-ginger tea!

o American Idol Party – have your fave friends watch the show all together and place loonie bets on who you think will win. You could even pocket a couple of bucks!

Good old fashioned fun!

Good old fashioned fun!

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